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Recently with Helen...

Dear friends, 

I am excited to be offering a Chigong class the first Saturday of every month in 2024 10am-noon at the beautiful Dempsey Event Sanctuary space.

When Chigong is performed in a group, the energy can be increased with the merging of life energy and the collective intentions of all.

Please join us at the beautiful Dempsey Event Center in the sanctuary space along with a break to nourish with light refreshments, and to feel and hear the meditative sounds of Kirtan, which helps uplift the mind, open the heart, and bring inner peace.


We will practice the Soaring Crane medical Chigong and increase the minds visualization to cultivate, circulate , and store the life force energy.

This ability and skill will strengthen your bodies immune system, balance the energies of yin and yang and create harmony to reduce stress. 

A  love offering for those who have attended past Chigong workshops.

“Where the mind goes, the chi flows.”

Sifu Helen Yee

Registration is at:

Thank you to GCAC for selecting me to be a Navigator along with having a fun photo shoot‼️

The goal of this program is to increase outreach to new artists, especially those from historically marginalized or underrepresented communities.

If you are an artist in the Columbus area please ask me about the greater Columbus arts Council.

Purple Star Photography Thank you Rae


Amazing day teaching empowerment self-defense on March 23.
Teaching the physical skills… To empower the verbal skills!

I love teaching this group of women, the skills to be more empowered.

One participant’s comment:
“Investing in me… Building confidence and strength from within. Fun and informative workshop! Thank you to our instructor Helen Yee and Julie Harmon.”


I wish to thank the OSU Alumni Society’s book club and The Franklin County Alumni Club for inviting me to autograph and speak about my book: I BELONG HERE 
A wonderful evening ‼️ 📕

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